What is the real use-case of Cardano?


What is the real use-case of the Cardano? This question is often raised in debates on the Internet. Let's try to answer it. You will be probably surprised by the answer. Hopefully, it can help you to understand why it might be difficult to answer. Read article

About Cardano Pledging


The incentive mechanism of the public decentralized network is a complex topic. It is necessary to find a balance between the best interest of the network and the interest of stakeholders. Let’s dive into Cardano pledging. Read article

Can people trust Cardano's blockchain?


The adoption of cryptocurrencies will be generally difficult and one of the reasons is that it requires a change of people mindset. Surprisingly, adoption is about trust. Are we able to stop trusting people and start trusting blockchain technology more? Read article

Economic and incentive model behind Cardano Proof-of-Stake


The economic and incentive model is often overlooked, which is a pity since it is probably the most important part of the public decentralized protocols. Let’s see why is the model so important and how Cardano Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake is designed from the point of view of users. Read article

Can ADA become Sound Money?


A blockchain is essentially a trust machine. It is able to gain people's trust and ensure that some data or information remains unchanged forever. People started talking about the possibility that we can create sound money based on blockchain technology. We know how sound money looks like from the economic point of view but we have not a clear definition of how it should look like from the technol Read article

From Simplicity to Complexity through Cardano


The adoption of new technologies is well described and we can observe certain patterns. There are similarities in the adoption of TCP/IP and blockchain. Let's have a look at what blockchain technology can bring us in the future and what we can expect. Read article

How Shelley will be launched


The article describes the transition from the Byron era to the Shelley era. Read article

How Cardano can disrupt the traditional financial system


If we want to replace traditional financial services, we need an alternative. The concept of decentralization and blockchain technology offers one of the possible alternatives. In today's article, we'll talk about what services banks and financial services offer and how it would be possible to build something similar on the Cardano platform. Read article

Cardano adoption will rock


People still hesitate to accept blockchain and use it daily life. In today's article, we look at some of the reasons for the slow adoption of this breakthrough technology. Teams can significantly help with the adoption of their projects. However, there are many different groups that can use blockchain quite differently. We will see more projects side by side in the future. Read article

What factors will affect the price of ADA


As an investor, you should be aware of the main price drivers. Cardano is a platform so there are more drivers than in the first generation projects. Read article