Cardano does not need PayPal

3d ago

Cryptocurrency gets into the point where banks and traditional financial private sectors have begun to integrate public blockchain to their centralized infrastructure. We can see rather negatives and nearly no positives. Read article

Cardano will allow us to be bankless


The narrative of crypto can be summarized by the following statement: Unbank the banked and bank the unbanked. Well, let's have a realistic look at the topic. Read article

Cardano is able to solve the real-world problems


Blockchain technology can bring a financial disruption but it will be insignificant unless it goes hand in hand with social disruption. The society is tightly coupled with the world of finance and it is not possible to disrupt one without the other. Let's have a look at what we can expect from cryptocurrencies. Read article

Make a better staking decision


As a Cardano stake-holder, you are probably interested in delegating your coins to a pool. In short, you are interested in staking. This article can help you to understand the big picture behind the whole staking and rewarding process. We will show you how you can find all the relevant information in the ADApools tool. Read article

Cardano smart contracts will enhance the abilities of decentralization


People are able to improve any technology and make it even more useful or versatile. Can the abilities of decentralization be enhanced or improved? Sure, why blockchain technology should be an exception. Let's have a look at it. Read article

Cardano transaction is not a bank transaction


Blockchain transactions are different from banking transactions and it is good, bad, and ugly. Let's talk about the differences in the article and describe the advantages and disadvantages. We will also explain how important is a transaction context. Read article

Cardano will be needed when crypto goes mainstream


We do not need decentralized infrastructure right now since adoption is low and the HODL narrative prevents the real usage of crypto in daily lives. If it is going to change and people adopt Bitcoin as a store of value then the process of decentralization will just continue spreading. It will be beneficial for Cardano. Read article

We can build a social system on Cardano


Money cannot be separated from the governments since money needs to be surrounded by the social layer. In the article, we will have a look at how smart contract technology can be used for building a decentralized social layer. Read article

Cardano can succeed in a competitive environment


The crypto space is still in the building and experimental phase. No smart contract platform is ready for mass adoption and for real business. The next few years will be critical and we think that Cardano can succeed in the competitive environment. Read article

Cardano can bring stability and reliability to the World of DeFi


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the most interesting movement in the whole crypto right now. At the same time, it is the synonym for high profits but also for high risk. It is not a good thing. DeFi must be a stable and reliable space in the first place. Read article