How Ouroboros Leios will change the Cardano Consensus


Cardano uses PoS consensus, which at the time of writing is capable of processing 300 simple transactions per second. That's almost 50 times more than the PoW consensus that Bitcoin uses. However, for the global financial system, this is still insufficient. The IOG team is working on a new version of PoS which they have named Ouroboros Leios. Read article

Cardano will have a new Lace wallet


IOG is building a new wallet called Lace that will bring many innovations to the cryptocurrency world and has the potential to raise the bar. Read article

The new digital economy is emerging on Cardano


In 2015, it was common to say that it was a pity that there were no decentralized exchanges and sandboxes where people could test new concepts. New protocols are emerging on the Cardano platform that people are using to interact with each other. How to understand this and what direction can it take? Read article

Cardano will help tokenize the economy of the future


Modern technology is changing the way people interact. Blockchain will have a significant impact on changing business models in the next 20 years. Cryptocurrencies will be used for payments. The question is whether these will be native coins of individual projects or stablecoins. Cardano can play a significant role, as it will enable the tokenization of the economy. Read article

Comparison of energy consumption of Cardano and Bitcoin


Did you know that Cardano is about 100,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin? Is this important to you? Maybe yes and maybe no. However, this topic is increasingly being debated at the level of governments and regulators. Their decisions may affect the future of blockchain projects. Let’s look at the details. Read article

What Vasil upgrade brings to Cardano


The IOG team doesn't care if it's a bear or bull market and is constantly improving the Cardano protocol. What matters is the long-term vision. This way the team delivers what the community expects. Let's take a look at what the long-awaited Vasil upgrade brings to Cardano. Read article

Cardano survives the bear market


Cardano has already survived one bear market after 2017 and is still a relevant project in the top 10. We are currently in a bear market due to the poor economic situation and the post-halving period of Bitcoin. Let's take a look at why Cardano will easily survive the current bear market as well. Read article

Proof-of-Stake is the appropriate consensus for the financial revolution


Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) are two different concepts performing the same task. Both approaches have their undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, arguments against PoS often stem from misunderstanding or overlooking the problems of PoW. Let's make the case for PoS in this article. Read article

Why Cardano


In June 2022, I was invited to speak about Cardano at the UTXO cryptocurrency conference in Prague. I thought about what I would tell people and chose the history of the project and its mission. This article was inspired by my PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to use the material and promote Cardano. Read article

Understand Cardano via Cexplorer


It can be difficult for the average user to understand how a blockchain network works because they can't touch and view it. Various tools that monitor the network and provide users with information in an understandable form can help with analysis. Learn how to use Cexplorer. Read article