Cardano and Real Finance is a Great Fit

17h ago

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the most promising emerging sector in the cryptocurrency space. However, this sector lacks the necessary stability and reliability, two crucial prerequisites for further adoption. Cardano can bring DeFi to mainstream users and thus create real finance (RealFi). Read article

Cardano empowers individuals


Cardano has the potential to empower individuals, but to counterbalance this, it can weaken the position of institutions, banks, and states. Technology can assist in a new redistribution of power and give people greater freedom. But this can only happen under certain conditions, and success will depend on the people themselves. Not on technology. Read article

What forces will drive the price of the ADA?


There is a widely spread narrative that cryptocurrencies are valuable mainly due to digital scarcity. Besides the scarcity, a technological aspect provides unique features that differentiate cryptocurrencies from gold. What is actually a more valuable feature, the scarcity or technological features? Read article

ADA can be an environment-friendly scarce resource


The inflation of money and its printing during the economic crisis is perceived as a problem that is to be fixed by Bitcoin. Is this defensible in the context of negative environmental impact? Do we have another alternative? We have. Cardano can become a green store of value. Read article

Cardano can unleash the potential of blockchain


Scalability and utility are the main prerequisites to use blockchain technologies for economic and social activities. The main focus is put on decentralization and security but users take it for granted and above all, they require fast and useful services. Read article

Cardano can change Africa


Technology is valuable only when it is adopted and used for solving real issues. A public network can be adopted by individuals but it does not mean that an institution or even government cannot decide to use it as well. It has happened. Ethiopia decided to adopt Cardano. Read article

What will be the value of Cardano?


The Internet succeeded since it allows us to interact in a different way and create new values. Blockchain technology can be used to build a trust layer upon the internet. It can get rid of us unnecessary middlemen. It can be a very valuable service for the whole society since it can reshape the way we work with trust. Read article

Decide about the future of Cardano via Catalyst


On-chain government is an inevitable part of a decentralized blockchain project. Catalyst is a project that will try to introduce it on Cardano. Stakeholders should pay attention to the project and understand the importance in the context of the future success of Cardano. Read article

Building a new economy on Cardano


Cryptocurrency fans believe that blockchain has the potential to disrupt banks and create a new form of sound money. There is a close relationship between national currencies and governments. The reality is that it is not possible to replace national currencies without having technologies that will substitute the functionalities of governments or help to build a new form of government. Read article

Cardano is designed to be here for decades


Digital scarcity is based on the trust of people that a given project will exist for a long time if not forever. Longevity depends on a sustainable economic model. The model itself cannot be stable and it depends on events in the real world. Let's compare Cardano and Bitcoin from the perspective of longevity and durability. Read article