About belief and technology


What is the relation between belief and technology in the context of cryptocurrencies? What is more important for success? Read our take on the topic. Read article

Being a Cardano operator can be a real business


We can see that many people from the community are interested in being a Cardano staking pool operator (SPO). It is very positive for the ecosystem. People should be aware of the fact that being SPO can be a serious business one day. Read article

Cardano gives you freedom. Do not stake ADA on exchanges.


Cardano has been built with a focus on decentralization and can provide users with financial freedom and independence. Decentralization is not only about technology but also about the mindset. Do not stake ADA coins on exchanges. Read article

Contracts can be smarter on Cardano


Blockchain is used as a transactional network. The big step forward would be if the blockchain technologies are used also for agreements. It is just a natural and logical step and programmable money will be a standard in the future. Read article

Cardano delegators should be aware of changes in staking


The IOG has decided to change the K parameter and it will impact not only pool operators but also delegators. Everybody should understand the changes and consider how to deal with them. It is easy to absorb the changes and react appropriately if you understand how Cardano staking works. We will try to explain the changes to you. Read article

What is a Fair Reward for Cardano Pool Operators?


We have seen many interesting but also hot debates about the K parameter and its size. It influences many things including the rewards of operators and some people think that it should be increased. Let's discuss it. Read article

Cardano does not need PayPal


Cryptocurrency gets into the point where banks and traditional financial private sectors have begun to integrate public blockchain to their centralized infrastructure. We can see rather negatives and nearly no positives. Read article

Cardano will allow us to be bankless


The narrative of crypto can be summarized by the following statement: Unbank the banked and bank the unbanked. Well, let's have a realistic look at the topic. Read article

Cardano is able to solve the real-world problems


Blockchain technology can bring a financial disruption but it will be insignificant unless it goes hand in hand with social disruption. The society is tightly coupled with the world of finance and it is not possible to disrupt one without the other. Let's have a look at what we can expect from cryptocurrencies. Read article

Make a better staking decision


As a Cardano stake-holder, you are probably interested in delegating your coins to a pool. In short, you are interested in staking. This article can help you to understand the big picture behind the whole staking and rewarding process. We will show you how you can find all the relevant information in the ADApools tool. Read article