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Explaining Cardano's eUTXO model for a five-year-old


Cardano is fundamentally different from Ethereum in its accounting model. While Cardano uses the extended UTXO model (eUTXO), Ethereum uses accounts. In this article, we will explain the difference between these approaches in a simplified way. Read article

Cardano is the highest-ranking crypto brand


Cardano is the highest-ranking crypto brand in the Top Brand Intimacy 2022 report. The surprising thing is that Cardano has a higher rating than Bitcoin. Almost every person on the planet has heard of Bitcoin while Cardano is still unknown to the general public. What is it that has earned Cardano such a good rating? Read article

What is the Cardano testnet for?


If you understand what testnet is for, you won't be surprised that it is not in an ideal state or that a bug has appeared. If testnet is 100% stable, it is suspicious and some processes may be failing, because stability and 100% reliability is a quality that users expect from mainnet, not from testnet. Testnet is not for users, but for developers. Developers know that testnet can be unstable. Read article

Myth-busting: the physical world is not a problem for Cardano


People live in a physical world and all financial interactions are built on trust. When trust is broken, the legal system is the solution for the victims. Blockchain is and always will be connected to the physical world. Read article

Staking on Cardano is affordable for all


The decentralization of blockchain networks is a complex topic. This article will discuss why making it easy for people to participate in network decentralization is essential. We will explore Cardano's decentralization prospects with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read article

Cardano has sound technology and community


Cryptocurrency communities are a new phenomenon, unlike anything we have known before. What is it like, how does technology relate to it, and what does the future hold? Let’s try to answer these questions. Read article

Cardano has the second mover advantage


The first mover advantage is no guarantee of ultimate success. Being second is also an advantage, as it is possible to learn from the mistakes of the first and do things differently, more thoughtfully and carefully. Cardano does not have a fundamental disadvantage compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read article

How Ouroboros Leios will change the Cardano Consensus


Cardano uses PoS consensus, which at the time of writing is capable of processing 300 simple transactions per second. That's almost 50 times more than the PoW consensus that Bitcoin uses. However, for the global financial system, this is still insufficient. The IOG team is working on a new version of PoS which they have named Ouroboros Leios. Read article

Cardano will have a new Lace wallet


IOG is building a new wallet called Lace that will bring many innovations to the cryptocurrency world and has the potential to raise the bar. Read article

The new digital economy is emerging on Cardano


In 2015, it was common to say that it was a pity that there were no decentralized exchanges and sandboxes where people could test new concepts. New protocols are emerging on the Cardano platform that people are using to interact with each other. How to understand this and what direction can it take? Read article