Cardano Shelley: How to delegate from the YOROI wallet

7h ago

The delegation guide for YOROI users. Read article

Cardano Shelley: Claiming ITN reward

2d ago

Let's have a look at how to redeem ADA coins from the ITN. Read article

The Cardano Shelley era is about decentralization


Bitcoin is the first successful blockchain. It uses the PoW consensus algorithm that is permissionless but it does not scale well. The scalability issue is often solved by compromising the decentralization. It might not always be the case. Cardano uses PoS consensus that is highly decentralized and scales much better in comparison with PoW. Read article

Cardano Shelley: How to stake in Daedalus


Cardano has entered into the Shelley era and we have prepared a guide that helps you to delegate ADA coins to a pool. Read article

Do not overlook Cardano


It can be difficult to get oriented in the cryptocurrencies if you are not an IT specialist and you make your decisions only on facts that are provided by people on the internet. Let's have a look at what is wrong with people talking about cryptocurrencies and why adoption is so slow. Read article

People must understand the advantages of decentralization to use Cardano


Decentralization is the key feature of blockchain technology but it is not the feature that people wish to use. The reason is quite simple. They do not know the disadvantages of the systems that they use every day and do not know what Cardano can do for them. Read article

The Cardano Protocol is well prepared for the Future


We usually know well what has happened in the past. We can just assume what is going to happen in the future and still, we can be sure that we will be surprised by the development of events. A decentralized protocol must be designed in a way that it will be possible to respond to all expected or even unexpected events in the future. Read article

Charles and his important update on dates


Quick notes and highlights Read article

What is Cardano Staking


The primary goal of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network consensus is to enable the decentralized network to come to a mutual agreement among nodes about a single version of the truth. PoS is not only about the network consensus and there are very interesting social and financial aspects of the Cardano protocol. Read article

Let's talk about the realistic market capitalization of Cardano


The market capitalization and price of the native ADA coins are a hot topic of discussion on the internet. People are happy when the price goes up and sad when it goes down. Let's talk about the hot topic and estimate the realistic price of ADA coins. Read article