In cooperation with a well-known, Prague art group Show me! tattoo, we have been preparing our own NFT project for some time. Now it is here and we hope you will like it.

It’s going to be a collection of 30 unique, hand-drawn characters, where each one has a story to tell, and all of them together tell the story of a party one night.

There will be a total of 4950 pieces going into circulation on the Cardano blockchain. Some of the characters are less rare and some are rarer — like Satsuki, who will only be 30 pieces in total.

These are NFTs, so buyers will receive NFTs properly numbered, e.g. AdaKawaiiSatsuki01, AdaKawaiiSatsuki02, etc.

The sale starts on 3.9.2021, 12:00:00 UTC. Price starts at 50 ADA with a 5% increase every day thereafter. You can purchase up to 50 NFT per purchase. You cannot select the character of your choice. It is randomly assigned based on the total quantity and number of pieces of a given character. You can see the characters on the official website.

Hope you will love them!