Every epoch, that is every 5 days, we will draw 10 winners for each pool. Each individual can have multiple tickets in the draw depending on how high their stake is and how long they have been staking with us. Both increase the chances of winning by obtaining a higher number of tickets. For example, anyone who stake around 1,000 ADA coins and stake with us at least 1 epoch is eligible for 1 ticket. If you stake 30,000 ADA coins, your chances of winning are doubled if you stake with us for 2 epochs. If you stake 100,000 ADA coins, your chances of winning can be even triple or quadruple. See the table below:

Similarly, the system continues with 250K and 500K ADA coins and up to 6 epochs. This means that a maximum of 6 tickets can be obtained if you have 500K ADA coins and have been staking with us for more than 6 epochs.

In the beginning, we will have 5 loyalty series. This means that there will be 5 unique NFT tokens where each will be minted for 1000 pieces. For example, there will be a minted NFT token for the first loyalty series for a maximum of 1000 pieces and the same for the other series. The number of series may increase over time, but the number of NFT tokens in a given series will never increase.

The lucky winner can win an NFT token from each series, but will never win a given NFT token twice. Cardanians run 4 pools with CRDNS, CRDN, CRDN1, CRDN2, and CRDN3 tickers. This means that a maximum of 40 winners can win in each round. Due to chance, it can happen that 8 winners win an NFT token from series 1, 12 win an NFT token from series 2, 5 win an NFT token from series 3, 8 win an NFT token from series 4, and finally, 7 win an NFT token from series 5. An individual can win 5 NFT tokens, 1 from each series.

The winner will only receive a token if they no longer hold a token from that series, or if more than 1,000 pieces from that series have not been minted. Therefore, the winner may not receive the token and there will be no further draw. This means that there can be less than 40 winners in a given round. The unallocated NFT token will be saved for the next round of voting. 

You have a better chance of winning in pools with a smaller total stake. You will be able to look up the uniqueness parameter for each pool. The smaller the number, the greater the chance of winning. The draw will take place during each epoch and NFTs will be automatically distributed. Each round we will issue a report with the results. 

You can find an overview of our pools on the following link: https://cardanians.io/en/pools

We thank our delegates for their loyalty and wish them good luck.