Oracles in the Cardano ecosystem


Smart contracts technology has enhanced the abilities of blockchain networks and added programmability features. A trusted link between the digital world and the physical could be another such enhancement. Oracles can do that for us. Read article

Cardano becomes the most decentralized network


Media reported that Cardano became the most decentralized network in the crypto world. It happened half a year after the launch of the main-net. Let's have a look at the details. Read article

How to start with Cardano staking for newbies


The world of cryptocurrencies is beautiful but it can be difficult to get oriented in it. We put together a few practical pieces of information about cryptocurrency generally but we focus on Cardano. You will learn how to buy ADA coins and start with staking. You will find a lot of useful links. The article is focused on newbies. There is nothing new for experienced holders. Read article

The mission is the best thing on Cardano


Cardano is a mission-oriented project. People should not be blinded by investment opportunities. They should rather understand Cardano's mission first. It is the mission that can change the world. The profit of individuals will not make the world a better place for living. Read article

How a transaction gets into Cardano's blockchain


When Alice sends 1000 ADA coins to Bob she uses her wallet. Bob will receive the coins in a few seconds. In the article, we will go through the whole process and explain what happens behind the scene in this scenario. Read article

The cryptography behind Cardano blocks


Cryptocurrencies could be invented due to the many major achievements in cryptography. It is not a surprise that cryptography is used not only for signing transactions but it is also used for the creation of new blocks. In the article, we will have a look at how a new block is created in the Cardano network from the point of view of cryptography. Read article

The advantages of using ADA coins as a scarce resource


Public blockchain networks need a mechanism for distributing the consensual power to entities that wish to participate in the decentralization and security of a network. Let’s have a look at how it is done in Cardano. Read article

About belief and technology


What is the relation between belief and technology in the context of cryptocurrencies? What is more important for success? Read our take on the topic. Read article

Being a Cardano operator can be a real business


We can see that many people from the community are interested in being a Cardano staking pool operator (SPO). It is very positive for the ecosystem. People should be aware of the fact that being SPO can be a serious business one day. Read article

Cardano gives you freedom. Do not stake ADA on exchanges.


Cardano has been built with a focus on decentralization and can provide users with financial freedom and independence. Decentralization is not only about technology but also about the mindset. Do not stake ADA coins on exchanges. Read article