Why people are unable to assess the potential of Cardano

18m ago

Blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development. It is difficult for ordinary people, as well as experts, to gauge the potential of this technology. Everyone agrees that it is also a disruptive technology, but no one knows its impact. Cardano is a protocol that follows the path of innovation. Historically, it has proven to be the only path to success for disruptive technologies. Read article

Do not stake ADA on exchanges


The use of cryptocurrencies places demands on users, who must take responsibility into their own hands and avoid centralized services. Everyone knows the phrase "not your keys, not your coins". This also applies to ADA coin staking. Learn why it's better to stake ADA coins from your own wallet. Read article

Is Cardano the biggest innovation after the Internet?


It is often said that blockchain is a disruptive technology that relies on decentralization. The ability to exclude third parties from the process of interaction between two participants is indeed revolutionizing the process. Let's explore this innovation in more detail. Read article

The evolution of cryptocurrencies and how Cardano fits in


Thanks to Bitcoin, the whole blockchain industry has taken off. For a long time, people didn't believe that any other project other than Bitcoin could be successful. They were wrong. Let's take a look at some of the events and trends in this emerging industry. We look at Cardano and how it fits into the future of cryptocurrencies. Read article

What is NFT and why do we experiment with it?


NFT is a recent phenomenon and is the next big thing after the ICO and DeFi waves. Let’s explain what NFT is and why it makes sense to be interested in them. Read article

ADA Kawaii Anime NFT


We would like to present you with our own NFT project on Cardano. Read article

Decentralization is at the heart of Cardano


Decentralization is an absolutely key feature of public blockchain networks, as it is this feature that differentiates them from current protocols. Let's explain what decentralization is, how to measure it, and how to maintain its high quality in the long run. Read article

Cardano and the power of the network effect


We believe that the success of the Cardano project is almost inevitable. Blockchain is a fundamental technology that will fundamentally change the world. If you understand what the power of the network effect is, you will be able to see Cardano in a completely different light than before. Read article

How Cardano can help in Ethiopia, El Salvador and other developing countries


Blockchain technology has moved past the critical stage where it is being adopted not by individuals but by entire governments in order to solve real country problems. To name a few, Ethiopia has adopted Cardano for building infrastructure, El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender. Let's think about what this can bring to these and other countries. Read article

Cardanians Loyalty Program


We are extremely pleased to introduce the Cardanians loyalty program. We are going to mint NFT tokens for delegators who stake with our Cardanians pools. Let's explain the rules. Read article