Quick notes from Charles update about important dates

"Hi, in Cardano we are approaching several historical milestones, so Charles in a good mood summarized the most important events so that we have something to look forward to.

HardFork Combinator is complete, the most complex software we've ever written. And I'll give you a preliminary roadmap of the events until July,29

Tomorrow, June, 30, 3 things happen right away

1. Shelley TestNet in the new version will be released for everyone and throughout July it will serve as an integrated network, where exchanges will tune their interfaces

2. Balance Check, there will be a new Daedalus, where you will put your ITN seed and… .. the volume of the staking reward should appear.

3. MainNet Node Candidate. This is a node that will run on MainNet and allow HardFork July, 29 to be survived.

Next week, there will be a new Daedalus Flight (with Shelley functionality, but still disabled) every week for another 2-3 weeks with a new version of DF, which will include both the Byron and Shelley functionality, and will gradually converge, and then on July, 21 there will be the new final Daedalus MainNet, which will include Byron + Shelley functionality for MainNet, and everyone will be prompted to update to this version of Daedalus MainNet

HardFork will appear on July, 29. If you don't have Daedal upgraded yet, nothing happens, you will just be prompted to update, and then everything will start (already in Shelley mode).

Rewards from ITN will appear on MainNet August, 3, and from August, 18, we are staking! Everything according to plan, everyone is working hard!

The summit is also on schedule, I'm looking forward to you, there will be a lot of post-Shelley news and thank you - the community for your patience and together we got to where we wanted to be!"